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 LG Stylus 2

Type | My MTNChoice+ M TopUp

Includes R210 Airtime value (incl. VAT), 25 SMSs

The new LG Stylus 2 is a light and sleek Phablet that gives you top-of class features with incredible value for money. The upgraded Stylus Pen woks in tandem with a Pop-up Menu than that stays on screen as long as the Pen is removed from its dock. The wide 5.7” display guarantees a vivid viewing experience for watching videos, social media or shopping online! The Stylus 2 features a 3000mAh removable battery offering great usage-life and ultimate convenience. For a feature packed-device, the Stylus 2 is remarkable slime and light – just 7.4mm thin and a mere 145g.

In this productivity focus and highly content consumptive category, the new Stylus 2 will have you on the top of your game at an ultra-affordable price point

Selling Features:

  • Next Generation Stylus Pen with Pop Up
  • Super Bright 5.7” HD Display
  • Removable 3,000mAh Battery
  • Expandable Memory Up To 128 Gig
  • 13MP and 8MP Camera, Selfie Flash
  • This promotion is valid for a limited period only and only while stocks last


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